Why An Antique Ring Makes An Extra Special Engagement Ring

November 21, 2014/0 Comments

Antique engagement rings have become increasingly popular for brides over recent years and with their quality, uniqueness and price there really is no wonder why. There are many benefits which come with antique jewellery and they are the perfect choice if you want something extra special for your wife to be. The day you propose to your wife will most likely be one of the most special days in her life, so along with a well thought out and romantic proposal, the perfect ring will be the icing on the cake.

Why An Antique Ring Makes An Extra Special Engagement Ring

There’s Many Reasons…

There are many reasons why antique rings are the preferred choice for many over modern pieces from a high street jewellers, and once you start searching for the perfect ring you will see a big difference. There is no denying that modern jewellery can be beautiful, however there is something magical about rings from past romantic eras which have a historical significance which want to draw you into their past. Many people choose antique jewellery for this reason alone, and the mystery behind the ring can be just as beautiful as the ring itself.

A Unique Piece Of History…

Another beneficial reason to invest in an antique engagement ring is it’s unique characteristics. Not only will the overall look of the ring be completely unique and different to anything you would see in a jewellers nowadays, but the cuts of the diamonds are also different and have become extremely rare. If you propose to your partner with an antique engagement ring she certainly won’t come across another of its kind making her feel extra special and making the desired statement in a proposal. Due to the unlimited variety of styles of antique engagement rings out there from different eras, it certainly makes the search for the perfect ring more time consuming and requires more effort however this is part of the fun and will give that extra special touch to your proposal.

Often More Affordable…

Due to antique engagement rings being pre-owned, they are usually more affordable than modern rings as they will show a little wear, however there is a wide variety of price ranges with antique jewellery. You can find a beautiful ring for just a couple of hundred pounds which will be the same or better quality as a modern ring, however if you are looking for that extra special something and have a large budget there are spectacular rings costing tens and thousands of pounds.

Antique rings can be affordable to anyone and your wife is guaranteed to fall in love with the uniqueness and sentimental nature behind the ring once she lays eyes on its beautiful design. It can be hard to find the right style so look in her jewellery box for ideas. If her current pieces are subtle it is unlikely she will love something bold and bright, and don’t feel as though you have to invest in the fanciest ring in the shop. Less can sometimes be more, especially if this is what appeals to your future wife so get an opinion from one of her friends if you are unsure.

A Range Of Purchase Options…

You can find antique engagement rings at a number of places including jewellery markets, antique shops, pawn shops and also online. Seeing the ring in person and being able to hold it in your hand gives you a much more accurate idea as to whether your partner will like and suit the design so if you are looking to spend a lot of money this is usually the more sensible option. You will also be able to get help from the dealer and you can narrow down the options quickly and they can talk you through the designs and eras. They may even know the story behind the ring if they sourced the ring themselves, however sometimes the mystery can be more appealing. Antique engagement rings will never become less beautiful and over time their value increases so it will be something truly special for your wife to wear for a lifetime.


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